Drama Club | Saturday, May 7 – 3:00PM

Richard Rogers
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
A drug dealing basketball benchwarmer gets caught and blames his teammate to avoid punishment, spawning a chain reaction of events on high school picture day.

Balancing Act
Alexander Bergmann
A one-take film about a father who picks up his son from a ferry at the lake. 

Annabelle Attanasio
Age 22
Cassidy is spending her 18th birthday at a center for troubled teenage girls, where she was sent in the hopes she would stop making trouble. If she keeps up her streak of good behavior, she will graduate by the end of the week. 

Strange Fruit
Shay Riddick, Eric Bunyan, Mellownee Floyd
Las Vegas, NV / age 21
A reinterpretation of the poem by Abel Meeropol in modern times, October travels down Middle American Main Street and finds himself trapped in a fatal cycle. 

Malte Buster Risgaard Braender
Can revenge truly be just? When Anders finally gets the opportunity to get revenge on his bully, who has tyrannized him for multiple years, he ends up dangerously close to the border of what’s right or wrong. 

Wei-Shen Khor
United Kingdom
Following a violet crime, a mother and her son react, respond and come to terms with what has been done.