Greater Things

Director: Vahid Hakimzadeh • UK, Japan

In this stunningly composed meditation on space and human relationships, an adrift Iranian architect, a disengaged Japanese couple, and a Lithuanian mixed martial arts fighter search for connection in modern Japan. From the stylishly designed shops of Tokyo to a minimalist glass suburban home to a mysterious tree house in the woods, Greater Things reveals the strange places we inhabit, and how they can both unite and divide us.

Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 66 Min.
Festival Program: New Directors Competition, Spotlight Architecture

Program Partners:

51-SB-Columbia51-SB-CAB51-SB-Arcelor 51-SB-Tribune

51-SB-Driehaus 51-SB-ItalianTradeAgency51-SB-ITC