Happy Hour | Friday, May 6 – 5:00PM

Start CineYouth off right with Happy Hour –  five sweet stories of laughter, love, fish and the afterlife. 

Reincarnation Inc.
Hadley Hillel
Seattle, WA / age 19
At the office that every living thing is sent to after death to determine its next life, a man must convince his rebirth broker that he deserves to be more than cockroach in his next life.

Still 1 fish

Saman Hosseipuor
Iran / age 22
An old couple frantically searches for water after their fish slips on the ground during a routine tank cleaning.

Really Looking
Kira Bursky
Weaverville NC / age 19
Jasmine struggles to complete the plans of her newest project: a room capturing the essence of people who love deeply. 

August Adrian Braatz
Slovenia / age 21
A glimpse of the daily lives of five “academies of laughter”, where laughter is utilized in health, education, wellness, beauty and financial purposes.

The Botanist’s Violet
Anna Gregg & Alison Titus
Chicago, IL / age 20-21
Violet’s life goal is to become a world-class botanist in order follow in the footsteps of her hero, Dr. Proctor. Luckily for Violet, Dr. Proctor has just announced a competition to find his next protégée.