Director: Mark Lewis • Canada, France

A meditative sensory experience from Canadian avant-garde artist Mark Lewis, Invention intimately explores our relationship to the physical space around us. Long, luxurious tracking shots take the viewer through museum works and modern cityscapes in Toronto, São Paolo, and Paris, panning and tilting at improbable angles to give a fresh perspective on the everyday. Echoes of Koyaanisqatsi and Man With a Movie Camera infuse this poem of modern life.

Year: 2015
Language: No Dialogue
Run Time: 87 Min.
Festival Program: Spotlight Architecture, Documentary

Program Partners:

51-SB-Sundance51-SB-CAB51-SB-Arcelor 51-SB-Tribune

51-SB-Driehaus 51-SB-ItalianTradeAgency51-SB-ITC