Kid Tested, Parent Approved| Saturday, May 7 – 11:00AM

Magic Marker
Jack McCaffrey
Follow the nameless gentleman’s journey in the unknown, and his efforts to avoid a power-corrupt force from harming him.

Wherever You Go
Cole Bacani
California / age 19
A boy copes with the growing distance between him and his brother.

The Secret Life of the Gum Wall
Celia Jensen
Seattle, WA / age 9
A documentary of the awesome, disgusting Gum Wall that was blasted clean after 20 years. 

Beware of the Bunny
Rebecca Gill
Orange, CA
On the way home, a little boy finds the pet of his nightmares.

Marina Bruno
Ontario, Canada / age 19
A driver recklessly races to the finish line.

The Summer of Dragons
Rebecca Celsi
Age 15
In Mia’s garden, ordinary insects and birds coexist with far stranger creatures- tiny dragons cleverly camouflaged as bees, butterflies, and others.

Mimi and Bobby
Margaret Gill
Boston, Ma / age 17
An audio/visual retelling of the story of how the filmmaker’s grandparents met.

Super Bad Day
Kailee Kuropas
Chicago, IL / age 17
An animation about a super hero who is just having a bad day fighting crime.

Carly Campagna
Age 17
A formidable red dragon comes to a town full of cats, but these feline residents are not very welcoming of this unexpected guest. 

Take a Look at Yourself
Becky Choi, Amirah Battle, Nailah Reynolds, Alex Sorto, Amir Chatman, Jordan Stulz, Isaiah Manuel
San Francisco, CA / ages 11 – 18
In this music video, BAYCAT youth media producers take a deeper look at the mainstream media and it’s flaws.

Lilly Gets a Pet
Calgary, Canada / ages 5 – 13
Lilly a ten-foot tall orange monster, ventures into Wanda’s Pet Shop in search of a friend. 

Tom Teller
Bend, OR / age 20
A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend.