Locally Sourced | Friday, May 6 – 6:00PM

Rialin Jose Rialin
Chicago, IL
Three Chicago-native college students express how they feel about the term “Chi-raq” and what it means to them, through sharing their own experiences with violence in the city.

The Show
Theodore Tae
Evanston, IL / age 22
A Black hip-hop dancer on a predominantly Asian American collegiate dance crew choreographs and directs a piece for the crew’s first independent show, and recounts her journey in bringing more diversity to the team.

Run With It
Chicago, IL
A bond between brothers is tested in this film by students from Southside FYI.

Shoot to Kill: They Call Me Canyon
Richard Medina
Palatine, IL
Free from dialogue and discussion, an epic chase scene occurs in the dry, hot dessert in this modern-day Western. 

Fighting with Music
Jaaliyah Linson
Chicago, IL
A documentary about local Chicago artists expressing their feelings about police brutality through their music.

Day by Day
Nihal Dantluri
Naperville, IL / age 19
Luke Sawicki, once a top football prospect for several major Division I schools, is rejected by them because of his two ACL tears. He aims to prove them wrong.