Reel Women | Saturday, May 7 – 12:00PM

Modern Yellow
Asuka Lin
Moraga, CA
A documentary about Asians living in a modern, American society and the racial prejudices they must face.

Camping Trip
Audrey Larson
Massachusetts/ age 17
Bree is living in a run-down apartment with her unemployed single father. We he announces that he’s taking Bree on a camping trip, she can’t help getting excited; but the trip doesn’t go according to plan…

Interview with a Director
Ivana Noa
Belgium / age 13
Mokhallad Rasem has been born in war, has survived two other wars, has lived in a bunker all of his childhood. Inspiration has inspired him to become one of the most prospective young theater directors in Belgium.

Carol Nguyen
Ontario, CA / age 17
It’s pinecone season. Two girls dig a hole.

The Journey of a Refugee
Kayla Dutton
This documentary tells the story of refugees traveling through Lesvos on their voyage westward.

Lady of Painted Creek
Alexia Salingaros
San Antonio, TX / age 17
A woman, trapped in a society of mindless ritual and minimal emotion, must find it in herself to escape—and face the consequences.

Para Cuba
Angela Soyeon Chon and Mikaela Wolfsdorf
Studio City, CA / age 17
Two teen journalists travel to Cuba to learn how the embargo has affected life on the tiny island.

Run, Run Away
Ruby Rae Drake
San Francisco, CA
A high school track star doesn’t want to face the reality of her relationships with her family and friends. 

The Dancer’s Body
Irene Yang
Chicago, IL
Born as a male but with feminine feelings since childhood, JJ has gone through her family’s disproval and society’s prejudice. Now JJ is striving toward her dream of becoming a dancer.

September Can’t Sleep
Mia Neumann
Chicago, IL / age 18
An experimental animation short running 2:05 about a girl realizing who she’s waking up next to.