Shorts 7: Beyond the Horizon – Innovative Storytelling

These short films experiment with the structural norms of cinematic storytelling to depict the unique vantage points of their characters.

The Broken Past

Director – Martin Morgenfeld / Sebastian Schjaer – Argentina

After being absent for several months, a teenager suddenly reappears in a hospital to reconnect with the mother of his newborn daughter. Through naturalistic acting and a striking use of close-ups, this gripping story focuses on how a single moment can reverberate across lives.

Run Time: 16 min.


Director – Malina Maria Mackiewicz – Australia

As Magda visits her lover in prison, she realizes these might be their final moments together. This taut, minimalist drama masterfully packs all the pains of love, separation, and acceptance into a single setting.

Run Time: 5 min.

Oh Lucy!

Director – Atsuko Hiranayagi – Japan, Singapore, US

A chain-smoking, corporate Japanese woman develops a crush on her English teacher in this ingenious comedy of manners and Americanization.

Run Time: 22 min.


Director – Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler – South Korea

A mechanical fan witnesses odd misdeeds in a high-rise Seoul apartment, and we’re right there with it. This inventive short puts the audience in the (metaphorical) shoes of an inanimate appliance.

Run Time: 20 min.


Director – Jörn Threlfall – UK

A dead body has appeared in a suburban street, and in reverse order, we learn how it got there. This outside-the-box strips away sensationalism and keeps you guessing till the end.

Run Time: 14 min.


Director – Jordan Schiele – China, US, Singapore

A photographer buys a reptile from a construction worker, but also purchases something far more precious—his dignity.

Run Time: 15 min.

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