Shorts 2: Covered in Lines – Animation

Cute creatures, wacky characters, and prodigious landscapes meet in these out-of-the-ordinary shorts that reveal fresh angles on the world.

Buy One Get One Free

Director – Suyoung Huh – South Korea

A mischievous cat becomes her master’s master using only her cute looks and wily ways, threatening the enduring bond between pet and person in this colorful, hilarious animated tale.

Run Time: 11 min.

Cat Killer

Director – Jeff Dorer – US

An inventor’s experiment goes too far in this noir-like morality play. Inspired black-and-white chalk-like animation brings to mind Charles Burns’s graphic novel Black Hole.

Run Time: 10 min.


Director –David Jansen – Germany

A boy raised by wolves embarks on a journey to find his origins. This wood-cut animated fable invests sharp lines and black-and-white color fields with a striking, expressionist quality, exploring a rich psychoanalytical and mythological landscape.

Run Time: 15 min.

Somewhere Down The Line

Director – Julien Regnard – Ireland

A man drives down the never-ending, weather-beaten road of his life, encountering his childhood, love, and regrets along the way, in this pastel-hued animated short.

Run Time: 10 min.

Sunday Lunch

Director – Céline Devaux – France

Jean finds that the only way to survive the excruciating banter of his soul-sucking family members is to drown it in copious amounts of alcohol in this quirky animated exploration of generational disconnect.

Run Time: 14 min.

Waves ’98

Director – Ely Dagher – Lebanon, Qatar

In this year’s animated winner of the Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or, a young man drifts away to an imaginary world to escape his dull life in Beirut and is soon left dazed and confused by his visions.

Run Time: 15 min.

Wellington Jr.

Director –Cécile Paysant – France

A father and son go to the woods to hunt for “hat stuff” in this felt-filled stop-motion animated tale.

Run Time: 12 min.

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