Shorts 3: Drawn to the Blood – Midnight Program

Prepare for the sexy, the horrifying, and the abnormal with these boundary-pushing films.

The Exquisite Corpus

Director – Peter Tscherkassky – Austria

Carnal and cinematic desires lustfully intertwine in experimental craftmaster Peter Tscherkassky’s newest dreamlike work, which uses fantasy and erotic found footage in an ode to the beauty of the human body.

Run Time: 19 min.


Director – Andrei Cretulescu – Romania

Revenge is a dish best served frozen in this bloody tale of a woman on a mission, made up of just a few sweeping sequence shots.

Run Time: 21 min.

Rate Me

Director –Fyzal Boulifa – UK

A portrait of an escort in twelve user reviews offers a scintillating take on the contradictory relationship between the Internet,- real life, and our always-changing moral boundaries.

Run Time: 17 min.


Director – Percival Argüero – Mexico

A cinephile couple’s relationship is put to the test as a disturbing snuff film leaves the safe confines of the screen. This exemplar genre piece is bound to leave you on high alert when you exit the theater.

Run Time: 19 min.

Thicker Than Water

Director – Seung Yeob Lee – South Korea

A mother will go to any lengths to help her son’s unusual “disability,” including blood smoothies and creepy auctions.

Run Time: 14 min.

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