Shorts 9: New Voices of Israeli Cinema

From slapstick takes on coming to terms with history to a poetic piece capturing the power of cinema in a single memory, this collection of shorts by newcomers (Oren Gerner, Miki Polonski, Nurith Cohn) and more seasoned directors (Nadav Lapid) features the aesthetic diversity of one of the most formally daring international cinema scenes.

The Little Dictator

HaDiktator HaKatan – Director – Nurith Cohn

A history professor specializing in totalitarian regimes has an embarrassing shaving mishap at his grandmother-in-law’s 90th birthday party in this whimsical fable about coming to terms with history.


Director – Oren Gerner
A phone call disrupts life on a film set in this one-take wonder that dramatically choreographs a turning point in its lead character’s life.

Ten Buildings Away

Asara Rehovot Mea Estim – Director – Miki Polonski

Feeling suffocated by their urban environment, two young brothers will go to any means to escape their cloistered Tel Aviv neighborhood in this sharply composed realist drama.


Lama? – Director – Nadav Lapid

A film director must demonstrate and explain his favorite movie shot in this evocative breakdown of the line between cinema and audience.

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