Shorts 6: Take Me to Your World – Documentaries

These engaging true stories encompass the full spectrum of life itself.


Director – Harvey Bunegar – UK

An invitation to escape the white noise of the city, Aurorua makes a sensory journey from urban landscapes back to nature. From the cacophonous streets of London to the isolated wilderness of Galloway Forest Park, the film is a return to the purest elements of sight and sound.

Run Time: 19 min.

Hell Runs on Gasoline!

Director – Martin Bureau – Canada

Gear up for full-throttle speed and watch cars race to their own destruction in this fun, observational short documentary that celebrates the sound and the fury of car fanatics at a small French Canadian racing track.

Run Time: 7 min.

Keeping Balance

Director – Bernhard Wenger – Austria

Almost every day, Denise goes to the fair to ride the “Tagada,” a mesmerizing carrousel adorned with bright lights, trying to find some relief from a difficult life. In just a few minimalist brushstrokes, this short documentary delivers an exceptionally endearing character portrait.

Run Time: 5 min.

Perfection Is Forever

Director – Mara Trifu – UK

A Hollywood Boulevard Superman considers the toil of maintaining his alter ego in this intimate documentary, a serene meditation on body image and what it takes to appear superhuman.

Run Time: 18 min.

Santa Cruz del Islote

Director – Luke Lorentzen – US, Colombia

Discover everyday life on a small island off Colombia’s Caribbean coast in this rhythmic, empathetic, larger-than-life portrait.

Run Time: 20 min.

A Tale of Love, Madness and Death

Director – Mijael Bustos Gutiérrez – Chile

A schizophrenic young man has to face down his mother’s cancer diagnosis in this deeply touching documentary about bearing the emotional weight of your family.

Run Time: 22 min.

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