Shorts 4: The Life We Know – Bold Characters

Complex individuals face life-changing ordeals in these shorts driven by powerful, gripping narratives.

A Hole In My Heart

Director – Mees Peijnenburg – Netherlands, France

A teenager tries to find solace in this poetic, black-and-white drama, carried by its protagonist’s quiet, heartbreaking voiceover. This haunting short is also the Netherlands’ official entry for next year’s Academy Awards® shorts competition.

Run Time: 9 min.

Last Base

Director – Aslak Danbolt – Norway, UK

Two base jumpers hike to the mountains to wave their late friend goodbye. Shot in the monumental, ravishing Norwegian mountain landscape, this story of passion, friendship, and death will take you to dizzying heights.

Run Time: 15 min.


Director – Eva Riley – UK

A young girl is forced to question her community’s extreme right-wing views after an unexpected encounter. This powerful story digs into the destructive effects of an ideological upbringing.

Run Time: 15 min.


Director – Pippa Bianco – US

A 15-year-old girl (Taissa Farmiga, American Horror Story) goes back to school for the first time after an explicit video of her is leaked over the Internet in this Cannes Film Festival winner.

Run Time: 11 min.


Director – Oren Gerner – Israel

A phone call disrupts life on a film set in this one-take wonder that dramatically choreographs a turning point in its lead character’s life.

Run Time: 6 min.

Wintry Spring

Director – Mohamed Kamel – Egypt

The unexpected arrival of puberty complicates a girl’s relationship with her father in this controlled and perceptive coming-of-age story, carried by delicate performances and an honest look at a family’s communication problems.

Run Time: 16 min.

The Youth

Director – Dehanza Rogers – US

A young Somali-American faces an urgent dilemma when an old friend resurfaces from his past in this razor-sharp drama about the politics of cultural identity.

Run Time: 15 min.

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