Shorts 8: The Tower Above the Earth – Architecture

These short films experiment with the structural norms of cinematic storytelling to depict the unique vantage points of their characters.

Out of Breath

Director – Sandy Pitetti –Switzerland

This thrilling animated flight through a city’s arteries combines skylines, childhood games, urban transit, and more, giving us new eyes to see the lines that structure our urban environments.

Run Time: 2 min.

INsite: A Document

Director – Chuck Przybyl – US
The art duo Luftwerk, which projects light displays onto iconic buildings, has found their latest canvas. This visual essay shines fresh light on one of Illinois’ most iconic architectural sites: Mies van der Rohe’s famous Farnsworth House in Plano.


Director – Teresa Czepiec – Poland

Meet the diverse inhabitants of a colossal apartment building in this documentary filled with inventive camerawork, sophisticated sound design, and an unorthodox sense of humor.

Run Time: 20 min.


Director – Arash Nassiri – France, US, Iran

Blending aerial views of Los Angeles and Tehran with documentary audio testimonies from Iranian citizens, this bird’s-eye visual essay draws a mesmerizing continuum between two of the world’s most fascinating megalopolises.

Run Time: 18 min.

Ten Buildings Away

Director – Miki Polonski – Israel

Feeling suffocated by their urban environment, two young brothers will go to any means to escape their cloistered Tel Aviv neighborhood in this sharply composed realist drama.

Run Time: 25 min.

Zero m2

Director – Matthieu Landour – France

A student in Paris believes he’s found the perfect apartment at an affordable price, until one setback after another pushes him into an all-out war with his greedy landlord.

Run Time: 18 min.

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