Shorts 5: Tracing Shadows – Cinematic Frontiers

With their innovative use of cinematography and editing, these films aren’t afraid to explore new aesthetic territory.

Blue Signal

Director – Michael Yaroshevsky – Canada

Shot on film, this experimental piece scrutinizes humans in their natural environment. Hypnotic observational footage of desert, roads, city lights, and anonymous crowds offers a humorous ethnological gaze on the things most people don’t think twice about.

Run Time: 8 min.

Every Day My Dad Dies

Director – Steven Rico – US

This dynamic, sharply-edited short unravels as a physical diary of persistent emotional pain, with the camera barely leaving its teenage protagonist’s muscular, massive body.

Run Time: 13 min.



Director – Simon Mesa Soto – Colombia, UK

Leidi, who’s been living with her baby and her mom, hasn’t seen her boyfriend Alexis for days. When she hears that he was seen the night before with another girl, she goes on an obstinate quest through the city to find him.

Run Time: 16 min.


The Mad Half Hour

Director – Leonardo Brzezicki – Argentina, Denmark

Tonight, Juan feels aloof; he doesn’t know if he even loves Pedro anymore. As the couple wanders through the streets of Buenos Aires at nighttime, the city opens to a secret jungle bathed in moonlight, where Juan will finally be able to address the complexity of his own desire.

Run Time: 22 min.


Director –D.E. Hyde – US, Belize

On a small remote island, one man lives completely isolated from civilization – or almost completely. This dryly humorous vérité film muses playfully on how much we can really remove ourselves from the “developed” world.

Run Time: 12 min.


Director – David Easteal – Australia

A young man fruitlessly searches for a job at an auto repair shop. This eerie, visually confident film captures a life, in a few evocative glimpses.

Run Time: 13 min.


Director – Nadav Lapid – Israel

A film director must demonstrate and explain his favorite movie shot in this evocative breakdown of the line between cinema and audience.

Run Time: 5 min.

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