Sights and Sounds| Saturday, May 7 – 1:00PM

Resisting Compulsion
David Hughes
Chicago, IL
A visual representation of panic attacks induced by hyper sensitive O.C.D.

Tristan Surman
Prompted by his friend, Ewan decides to join a cult. Through a meeting with the cult, and their leader, as well as two joints, Ewan is going to try to find the meaning of life

Jonathan Bowers
Seattle, WA / age 16
A music video about a teenager who feels trapped in a world of conformity. 

Black Hole Person
Mateo Vega
Netherlands / age 21
An adaptation of a poem written by the director. Inspired by early avant-garde film such as Surrealism, German Expressionism and Soviet Montage.

Marcus Sudac
Lake Forest, IL / age 21
He’s been waiting 14 years. She just arrived.

Dust to Dust
Joel Edwards, Jesse Edwards
This experimental film explores visual & sonic interpretations of origination; and the destiny of returning to that from which we came.

Big Coat
Leo Pfeifer
Seattle, WA / age 17
A man finds his way out of isolation, but how long will it last?

Demitry Lesnevskiy Jr.
Russia / age 19
A story of a journey which is out of time and age’s boarders and available to each human.

Rapid Transit
Adam Geiser, Aaren Stade
Oakland, CA / age 15
A film highlighting the difference stations of the Bay Area’s mass public transit system. 

Cold War Christmas
Emma Penaz Eisner
San Francisco, CA / age 13
This experimental work is an immersive collage of image, sound, and silence that evokes the defector’s experience of displacement during the Cold War era.

This House is Not Empty
Carol Nguyen
Ontario, Canada / age 17
A personal film explores the topic of the ‘lies you tell yourself’ though a metaphorical.