Underground Fragrance

Director: Pengfei Song • China, France

On the rapidly urbanizing outskirts of Beijing, Yong Le spends his days scouring homes scheduled for demolition for furniture to pawn and his nights in the sub-basement of a high-rise apartment building. After an accident blinds him, a nightclub dancer, hoping to secure a day job with a real estate developer, nurses him back to health. The film reveals a world in which everyone, literally and figuratively, is looking to move up.

Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 75 Min.
Festival Program: New Directors Competition, Spotlight Architecture

Program Partners:

51-SB-Columbia51-SB-CAB51-SB-Arcelor 51-SB-Tribune

51-SB-Driehaus 51-SB-ItalianTradeAgency51-SB-ITC