You, Me, Us | Saturday, May 7 – 2:00PM

Juvenile Justice:The Road to Reform
Evan Glass
Silver Spring, MD / age 18
In 2015 protesters and rioters took to the streets of Baltimore expressing their frustration with the justice system. Fifty miles away seven high school students watched the scene unfold and asked themselves why it happened. 

Music Saved My Life
Teresa Suh, Cole Kawana
Studio City, CA / age 17
A teen suffering from panic attacks finds comfort in music. When she travels to Cambodia to learn about the 1975 genocide, she finds others whose relationship to music is equally powerful.

Sports in Transition: The Past, Present, and Future of Transgender Athletes
Jon Stone, Isabella Saker
Chicago, IL / ages 17 – 18
This short documentary on transgender athletes offers a history of the transgender rights movement, seen through the prism of sports.

Domar: To Tame
Benjamin Ades
New York, NY / age 17
A short portrait on a horse tamer and instructor from Uruguay and his passion for taming.

Smoke that Travels
Kaya Briet
La Mirada, CA / age 18
A documentary about the Native American history and the tribe Prarie Band Potawatomi

Life is Grand
Maya Suchak, Aden Suchak
Albany, NY
A profile of Abdul Nur, the “Mayor of Grand Street” and his sidewalk general store.

The Story of Three Rings: A Memoir of Dana
Felix Audelo-Ruiz, Juli Freedman, Elly Hong, Carolina Martinez, and Dora Schoenberg
Studio City, CA / ages 12 – 17
Powerful animation and personal testimonial bring to the screen Dana Schwartz’ story of survival during the Holocaust.